Protect your web and yourself on-line with strong password

Internet Privacy and protection is been a major issue in these days. Large companies these days doing large projects just for protecting their customers and to eliminate hackers.
With the improving technology era and internet bandwidth, every one have multiple accounts on the web lets say, account on Facebook, Gmail or any other mail service, paypal, shopping sites like amazon or ebay, netflix etc. What many people do is they keep their username and password same on most of the accounts they holding online. But when hackers success in getting and extracting one’s password, they can have access to all the accounts one holding.


As I was reading on web I came across an great article on in which they had posted article about an software which is called PasswordBox and what actually this software do is that it install in your browser and you have to assign a master key in PasswordBox, and after that if you access any account it will ask to save your password to remember or to save, and after that when ever you want to log in or access your on-line account you have to just enter your master password then click on the accounts saved on PasswordBox and viola your account will auto log in.

As I first went on PasswordBox site they got clean interface with a video to explain what it is. Now they say that they got encryption which is used in White House. And they say that their passwords are stored in Swiss Fort Knox. So it is good to use this service as if you got lots of accounts and you using same password in all of them.


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